QuickBooks Data Compression Services

QuickBooks being an accounting software, is used by millions of users across the globe. Business owners, accountants, CPAs and individual entrepreneurs use the advance features of QB to streamline their accounting process. At times, the accounting software starts performing sluggishly, which in turn hampers your accounting process. It is not something unique to you, and this happens due to the large size of the company file. If you reduce the size of the QuickBooks Company file, you can retain the original speed of your accounting software. QuickBooks Error Solutions offers a comprehensive range of QuickBooks data compression services for efficient data management and operation in the QuickBooks.

If you consider the older editions (2006 & lower) of the QuickBooks, you need to have minimal file size for the smooth data operation. Although, you don’t have the size restriction with the newer editions of the QuickBooks; still, there is a line drawn so that you can have it in hand.

What Is The Preferred QuickBooks Company File Size For QuickBooks 2012 Or Higher Editions?

  • QuickBooks Pro- up to 1.5 GB
  • QuickBooks Premier- up to 1.5 GB
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions- up to 2 GB

What to do if your QuickBooks file has become too large? Is your data hogging up your resources? Is the large file size troubling your day-to-day business accounting?

If you are facing such issues and want to compress QuickBooks company file, then you must take relevant QuickBooks data aid from qualified professionals. We, at QuickBooks Error Solutions, offer industry-verified QuickBooks data compression service most efficiently.

How does Data Utility Tool help To Condense QuickBooks Company Files?

Do you want to know how you can follow QuickBooks compress old file action by using the in-built utility of the program? QuickBooks reduces the size of your Company file by condensing the closed transactions into a summary journal entry. Also, if there is any available item list, it gets deleted. However, some operations such as un-deposited funds, unpaid sales taxes, transactions linked to a non-condensable transaction, and various others are not removed.

If you face any of the below-mentioned instances, then you must opt for QuickBooks file compression services:

  • QuickBooks Company has grown oversize.
  • QuickBooks file too large to email.
  • The inventory limit came to an end.
  • You have upgraded your hardware.
  • Your team wants to get the QuickBooks to compress data file action done.

There are certain drawbacks of the QuickBooks cleanup utility tool, which might even affect few reports if not followed the procedure carefully. Also, condensing doesn’t guarantee a reduction in file size. Besides, if this utility applied once, can’t be undone. Therefore, if you want to get rid of such technical complexities, you must take the assistance of a reliable data compression help from our proficient QuickBooks consultants at the earliest.

Don’t Want To Get Stuck In The Technical Complexities? Get In Touch With Us For An Effective QuickBooks Data Compression Services:

QuickBooks Error Solutions promises you to offer secure, quick, and valid data solutions. We have deployed industry-standard tools and techniques to render our services to our patrons.

Our all-round services cover a wide array of data-related issues such as QuickBooks data Migration, repair, recovery, and various others. Amid our customers, our services are known for their prompt and hassle-free executions. We value all kind of data queries and help them with the best solutions. If you want to reduce your file size without any disruption to your critical data, our QuickBooks data compression helpline can get the job done.

How To Compress QuickBooks Data File?

You need to follow a few necessary steps to avail the QuickBooks compress file service. Firstly, upload a backup of your company data on our remote server. Accordingly, we will reduce the QuickBooks file size that you can download from our secure download link. The compressed file will have all your transaction history intact. All the editions of QuickBooks, including the International ones such as the US, Canada, UK, and Australia are covered in our data compression solutions. In case of a QuickBooks condense data error, our professionals act promptly and take suitable steps. They will assist you with how to make QuickBooks company file smaller. The services are available 24×7, 365 a year.


  • You need to the patient while the compression process goes on as it is time-consuming. It also depends upon the size of the file.
  • However, if your file size is 500MB or higher, then you can handover it to us in the off-working hours.
  • You can get all your data-related queries resolved on the phone, so ask as much as you can for the best experience with us.

Is QuickBooks Error Solutions A Reliable Choice?

With our unique and well-practised QuickBooks data compression tool; we are breaking the air of monotony in the service industry. We offer the below-mentioned advantages when compared to others:

  • Excellent responsiveness to ensure fast performance
  • Perform QuickBooks data migration of the large files to QBO
  • Upgrading made quick and easy to the newer versions.
  • Embrace the most sophisticated tools and techniques for the best outcomes
  • Services devoid of data corruption issues
  • Higher network stability for unhindered operations
  • Considerable reduction in the file size- up to- 75%
  • Cautious temperament on “How to reduce QuickBooks company file size.”

If your QuickBooks file is also creating the same issue while working, then instead of waiting for long, contact with the customer executive of QuickBooks Error Solutions and experience the best client service. We provide round the clock technical leisure in QuickBooks data compression downtime.